What was public education like before the stronghold on state and national testing surfaced?

This was a central question Murray State University journalism students in JMC 397 In-depth Reporting explored.

Welcome to a digital exhibit about public education in Kentucky and other surrounding states. After conducting research in the archives at Murray State's Pogue Library, the students conducted oral history interviews. The students recorded community oral histories as part of an intensive focus on public education news reporting. They investigated and reported the issues and challenges facing public education. Those interviewed shared their memories and stories.

This long-term project enabled students to receive experience in oral history as a news-gathering and reporting technique. The website contains various “collections” of the students' work, including news stories, oral histories, photographs, and historical images.

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Dr. Melony Shemberger
Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication
Murray State University
Murray, Kentucky
October 2018